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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Regular Show Season 2 Episode 25 - This is my Jam

Right now we have the full length of regular show season 2 episode 25 this is my jam. This episode is a great showcase of the shows appeal to older audiences. Enjoy!

--This Episode--

Rigby has an annoying song stuck in his head, much to the chagrin of him and Mordecai. Mordecai helps Rigby as they try to get the song out of his head, but find it very difficult. The song eventually becomes so manifested in Rigby that he projects it out of his body. Taking Skips' advice, Rigby takes a nap and manages to remove the song from his head; however, the song comes to life in the form of a humanoid cassette tape with sunglasses, and annoys everyone. Now, all the park employees unite and write their own cheesy song, titled Aw, Snap! to try and defeat the Summertime song. The two songs clash, and in the middle of the duel, Benson comes off to show off one of his unexpected skills on the drums. After the tape is defeated, Benson was about to discuss about how long he has been playing drums until Rigby becomes addicted to singing the song Aw, Snap!, causing the group to be depressed after the hard work they done to cure Rigby from the Summertime Lovin song.

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